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About Cobb

Our school is a small, inclusive, and multi-generational community that fosters the inherent potential within each child. Named after the first African American principal in the San Francisco Unified School District, Dr. William L. Cobb Elementary School focuses on the rigor and joy of learning. We provide culturally responsive and innovative instruction that promotes critical thinking, leadership, and integrity. Students leave Cobb as agents of change for a more equitable future.

Joyful and Rigorous Academics

Cobb teachers embrace the Common Core academic standards, using differentiated and research-based curriculum to empower our students to succeed academically. Students experience readers and writers workshop daily, allowing teachers to work with students at their individual levels. Students’ love of reading is further supported by our cozy library, annual book fair, and frequent book giveaways.

Our math learning is conceptually based as our students gain strong number sense while also developing their reasoning through math talks and conversations. Social studies and science are taught in unison with reading, writing, and math to enhance each subject area. Frequent field trips bring classroom learning to life in the real world.

Inclusive and Differentiated Learning

At Cobb, students with different learning styles, physical abilities, and cultural backgrounds are welcomed and appreciated. Teachers have a sustained focus on developing their culturally responsive teaching skills while working with the SFUSD Racial Equity Movement to empower our students and families.

With our small classrooms and highly-trained staff of teachers and therapists, we work with families to ensure that the individual education and development needs of each student are being met both in and out of the classroom. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and counseling are available to students on campus and integrated into a student's school routine. In addition to our classroom teachers, a team of specialized credentialed teachers work in the classroom, in small groups, and individually, to help all students reach their unique learning goals.

The Arts

Music and dancing are found around every corner at Cobb. All students participate in dance, music, and drama classes during their elementary years. Students receive dedicated visual arts instruction that is integrated with classroom curriculum, and students can elect to participate in instrumental music classes.

Many performance opportunities throughout the year—dance programs, talent shows, music recitals, and poetry slams—allow every Cobb Tiger to shine. Even recess can turn into a dance party.

Learn more about the enrichment classes offered at our school.

Outdoors and Wellness

Cobb’s staff is dedicated to keeping kids healthy, active, and connected to the outdoors. Play time is valued and encouraged during our frequent recesses. On our large outdoor campus, you’ll also find physical education classes, and in the terraced urban garden, students learning about nature, food, and sustainability. Our highly experienced School Nurse ensures that students are healthy and ready to focus on learning.  

Social-Emotional Learning

Cobb is a leader in Restorative Practices, emphasizing positive relationships for building community. We see conflict or behavior issues as opportunities for students to learn about the consequences of their actions, to develop empathy with others, and to experience how to make amends in such a way as to strengthen the community bonds.

Our students are encouraged to be safe, respectful, and responsible each and every day, and earn Tiger Tickets as part of our integrated school-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports program. In the classroom, we teach Second Step, which is centered upon empathy, communication, emotion management, and relationship building.

Our Wellness Center provides a safe, supportive environment where students can discuss issues such as stress, family life, and grief, or take a break from the classroom setting. The School Social Worker and Elementary Advisor provide culturally competent services in a confidential, nonjudgmental space, dedicated to improving the health, well-being, and educational outcomes of all students.

Cobb Elementary School

At a Glance

Pre-K, TK, K– 5

8:40 to 2:40
Yard opens at 8:15
Early release Thursdays at 1:40

After School Programs:

Buchanan YMCA Beacon Program

Off-site pickups: 

2018-19 Enrollment: 175

Number of TK classrooms: 1

Number of K classrooms: 2